CAP4Access Presented at IWART Conference

The results of the CAP4Access project were presented at the International Workshop on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology (IWART), organized by the Miguel Hernández University in Elche on 14 th December 2016. The IWART conference was attended by international experts in the field of assistive and rehabilitation technology from the clinical, scientific and engineering communities.

Mireia Ferri, from the Polibienestar Institute of Valencia University, and Fini García, from the Elche City Council, gave a presentation on the aims and final results of three years of work in the CAP4Access project. The audience, composed of researchers and professionals interested in new perspectives in these fields, was especially interested in the impact of the use of the set of apps developed in the  CAP4Access project.

More information on the conference can be found here.

Mobile Ramps for Heidelberg

On Saturday December 3, 2016,  the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the CAP4Access team from the GIScience group of Heidelberg University carried out a mapping event in Heidelberg. The purpose of the event was to update the wheelchair accessibility information of several locations on Wheelmap, because the owners of these places had recently acquired mobile ramps to improve their accessibility. The purchase of these mobile ramps was part of the campaign “Hürdenlos rein”, initiated by Heidelberg’s Representative for People with Disabililities, Chrisina Reiß. Continue reading Mobile Ramps for Heidelberg

SAP and GIScience map in Heidelberg

A group of SAP employees took part in the software giant’s “month of service” and mapped the wheelchair accessibility of places in Heidelberg. Together with members of the GIScience group of Heidelberg University they added more than 100 new locations to the online map, providing local and visiting wheelchair users with valuable information on getting around the picturesque town. Read more here.

Mapping Miguel Hernández University

On Monday 24th October, students pursuing an Occupational Therapy degree at Miguel Hernández University tagged the wheelchair accessibility of their campus in Elche, Spain.
Before beginning the mapping party, members of the CAP4access team from the Elche city council and Polibienestar Research Institute at the University of Valencia, explained the project and the tools to be used for gathering and sharing information about the accessibility of public spaces.  Continue reading Mapping Miguel Hernández University

Mapping Accessibility in Thessaloniki

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, which focussed on accessible tourism this year, another worldwide “MapMyDay” mapathon was carried out. This time the goal was to gather information on the wheelchair accessibility of tourist spots near and far. Because as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared: “On this World Tourism Day, let us recognize that all people can and should be able to participate in tourism and enjoy unforgettable travel experiences.” Continue reading Mapping Accessibility in Thessaloniki

Students active in Elche for Accessibility

The Open Summer School Carrús – Toscar from the Elche Municipal Service Elx Conviu participated in MyAccessible.EU by mapping accessibility in the Carrús neighborhood.Eighty girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 16  met on July 29 in the  Plaza 1º de Mayo in Elche, Spain. Despite the sweltering heat, the students tagged the accessibility of a large number of public places in this popular neighborhood using Wheelmap, the online map for wheelchair accessible places. Continue reading Students active in Elche for Accessibility

Wheelmap in Graz City Hall

On June 30th it was time to officially present the findings of the student Wheelmap mapping project, which took place on the “Day of Accessibility on June 2nd” in Graz, to a broad audience. Not only was the audience special this time, but also the location – the city hall in Graz. A number of local politicians, representatives from organizations and journalists joined the discussion on this sunny afternoon. Continue reading Wheelmap in Graz City Hall

MyAccessible.EU meets PERRON

At a recent work meeting in Vienna, we had the chance to meet up with Anita Graser, a core member of the PERRON project team. Anita works for the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) based in Vienna, where she focuses on GIS analysis and data visualisation. In her free time, she runs a blog about Free and Open Source GIS. Anita is also the author of three textbooks on QGIS. Continue reading MyAccessible.EU meets PERRON

Accessibility Day in Graz

Last week, on June 2, the Austrian city of Graz put on its second Accessibility Day.  A wide variety of organizations and institutions took part with the goal of raising awareness for the physical and mental barriers that hinder people with disabilities from fully taking part in the life of their communities. The motto of the day was “Experience” and as the motto suggests, there was a lot to do for the the event’s visitors:  A wheelchair circuit, wheelchair dancing, sledge hockey and a tour to learn about accessible architecture and one especially suitable for deaf and blind people were all part of the program. Continue reading Accessibility Day in Graz