Accessibility Day in Graz

Last week, on June 2, the Austrian city of Graz put on its second Accessibility Day.  A wide variety of organizations and institutions took part with the goal of raising awareness for the physical and mental barriers that hinder people with disabilities from fully taking part in the life of their communities. The motto of the day was “Experience” and as the motto suggests, there was a lot to do for the the event’s visitors:  A wheelchair circuit, wheelchair dancing, sledge hockey and a tour to learn about accessible architecture and one especially suitable for deaf and blind people were all part of the program.

Twenty students from the vocational school “HAK Münzgrabenstraße Graz” participated in the day, taking advantage of a training on how to maneuver a wheelchair and trying out different athletic activities using a wheelchair. In the afternoon, Susu Dobner of the MyAccessible.EU partner ZSI, presented Wheelmap, the online map for finding and rating wheelchair accessible places. The students then went off to scout out the neighborhood using their Smartphones’  Wheelmap app. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they investigated the wheelchair accessibility of public places and colored the markers on Wheelmap accordingly. And when everyone had returned and shared their experiences it was decided that this is something that is worthy of continuation……

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