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Around the world more and more people with disabilities are traveling and the tourism industry is beginning to take note. However, finding relevant information for planning and carrying out a trip can still be very challenging for people with access issues. To help alleviate this problem the giant amongst the travel guides, Lonely Planet, has published a brand new guide with online resources on accessibility from around the world. The guide contains a wide variety of travel information for people who are hard of hearing or vision impaired, in a wheelchair or who are slow walkers. Especially good news is that the guide is free and downloadable as a PDF!

“Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Online Resources” is a joint project between Lonely Planet and ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism. Its information is searchable and is divided into several sections:

  • Country-by-country resources, websites and apps from governments, local authorities, NGOs and private businesses.
  • Personal travel blogs written by people with a wide variety of disabilities who enjoy traveling.
  • General resources including useful websites for non-destination-specific planning purposes and websites dedicated to promoting inclusive tourism.
  • Specialist travel agents and tour operators that provide for a variety of access requirements, listed alphabetically by country.
  • Specialist adventure sports organisations. This is the least comprehensive section in the guide and the makers are asking for input from  whoever would like to contribute.

All headings in the document are hyperlinked, directing you to the website mentioned.

The guide is a work in progress and its creator, Martin Heng, welcomes everyone’s input. The guide will be updated biannually, so  if you know of a useful website in your country or locality, please let  him  know at

Photo credit: Andi Weiland | SOZIALHELDEN e.V.

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