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Wheelmap in Graz City Hall

On June 30th it was time to officially present the findings of the student Wheelmap mapping project, which took place on the “Day of Accessibility on June 2nd” in Graz, to a broad audience. Not only was the audience special this time, but also the location – the city hall in Graz. A number of local politicians, representatives from organizations and journalists joined the discussion on this sunny afternoon. Continue reading Wheelmap in Graz City Hall

MyAccessible.EU meets PERRON

At a recent work meeting in Vienna, we had the chance to meet up with Anita Graser, a core member of the PERRON project team. Anita works for the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) based in Vienna, where she focuses on GIS analysis and data visualisation. In her free time, she runs a blog about Free and Open Source GIS. Anita is also the author of three textbooks on QGIS. Continue reading MyAccessible.EU meets PERRON

Accessibility Day in Graz

Last week, on June 2, the Austrian city of Graz put on its second Accessibility Day.  A wide variety of organizations and institutions took part with the goal of raising awareness for the physical and mental barriers that hinder people with disabilities from fully taking part in the life of their communities. The motto of the day was “Experience” and as the motto suggests, there was a lot to do for the the event’s visitors:  A wheelchair circuit, wheelchair dancing, sledge hockey and a tour to learn about accessible architecture and one especially suitable for deaf and blind people were all part of the program. Continue reading Accessibility Day in Graz

Accesibilidad en València

El 25 de abril Polibienestar organizó una Mapping Party con los asistentes a la Segunda Sesión de formación del proyecto User-driven Social Enterprises financiado por el programa Erasmus+ (ref.: 2015-1-BE02-A202-012268). El objetivo principal del proyecto es formar a personas con discapacidad con responsabilidades en la gestión, administración y control de organizaciones dirigidas por los usuarios o a aquellas personas que quieren interpretar este rol en el futuro. Continue reading Accesibilidad en València

Accessibility Tools in Vienna

When the MyAccessible.EU consortium met in Vienna on April 21 und 22 for one of our regular get-togethers, we spent half a day on the streets of the city. Equipped with the latest versions of our accessibility mapping tools,  we stretched our legs and explored one part of central Vienna. The necessary preparations included downloading the mapping apps, allocating tasks among the attendees, and checking how well the area is covered on OpenStreetMap (OSM). For this last task we used Heidelberg University’s OSMatrix tool. Then, we split up into three groups and started roaming the streets. Continue reading Accessibility Tools in Vienna

Accessible Travel Information

Around the world more and more people with disabilities are traveling and the tourism industry is beginning to take note. However, finding relevant information for planning and carrying out a trip can still be very challenging for people with access issues. To help alleviate this problem the giant amongst the travel guides, Lonely Planet, has published a brand new guide with online resources on accessibility from around the world. The guide contains a wide variety of travel information for people who are hard of hearing or vision impaired, in a wheelchair or who are slow walkers. Especially good news is that the guide is free and downloadable as a PDF! Continue reading Accessible Travel Information

#MapMyDay: mapping accessibility around the world

This year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities was commemorated around the world in a novel manner. The global #MapMyDay campaign, which was launched on December 3, mobilised thousands of people, with and without disabilities, to further the cause for accessibility around the world.  The mission of #MapMyDay was twofold: one aim was to gather as much information as possible on the wheelchair accessibility of public places and the other was to raise awareness among the general public about the barriers that people with mobility impairments face in our communities. Continue reading #MapMyDay: mapping accessibility around the world