CAP4Access Presented at IWART Conference

The results of the CAP4Access project were presented at the International Workshop on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology (IWART), organized by the Miguel Hernández University in Elche on 14 th December 2016. The IWART conference was attended by international experts in the field of assistive and rehabilitation technology from the clinical, scientific and engineering communities.

Mireia Ferri, from the Polibienestar Institute of Valencia University, and Fini García, from the Elche City Council, gave a presentation on the aims and final results of three years of work in the CAP4Access project. The audience, composed of researchers and professionals interested in new perspectives in these fields, was especially interested in the impact of the use of the set of apps developed in the  CAP4Access project.

More information on the conference can be found here.

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