About CAP4Access

My Accessible.EU is an initiative of the collective awareness platform „CAP4Access“, a project co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. The CAP4Access project will develop and pilot-test instruments for collectively gathering and sharing geographic information in order to improve the accessibility of European cities. Using the power of online maps and mobile devices our aim is to empower people with mobility impairments, raise awareness for the barriers they encounter and show possibilities for eliminating those barriers. The project will develop tools and methods for

  1. tagging, describing and discussing locations and routes with regard to their accessibility
  2. visualizing data related to accessibility in ways that are intuitive and make an impact
  3. planning routes and navigation
  4. raising awareness for the importance of accessibility
  5. preparing necessary measures for removing barriers

The project targets a wide range of European citizens, including people with mobility impairments, grassroots initiatives, policy makers and public administrators, local businesses, city planners and last but not least the general public. For more information on CAP4Access, please visit the project website. The partners working on the CAP4Access project are:

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