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National Trails: mapping their accessibility

September in the UK: temperatures are plummeting, umbrella sales are soaring, and everyone’s beginning to feel like hibernating. What better time to contemplate walking in our beautiful natural landscapes?! The National Trails stretch across 2,500 miles of England and Wales, and they’re waiting to be experienced by everyone throughout all the seasons. However, a lack of information about accessibility on the National Trails means that many people with limited mobility are unable to get out and enjoy them. Mapping for Change are working with the National Trails and Walk Unlimited to promote walking for people with limited mobility, by collecting information about accessibility along the trails. Continue reading National Trails: mapping their accessibility

Elche, los colores de España en Wheelmap

IMG-20150314-WA0003“No soy una persona con discapacidad, vivo en una ciudad discapacitada”. Esta frase, dicha por uno de los participantes de la «Mapping Party» celebrada el pasado fin de semana en Elche, podría extrapolarse a muchas ciudades europeas. Aunque Elche ya ha hecho un gran esfuerzo para mejorar su accesibilidad todavía queda mucho trabajo por hacer.

Continue reading Elche, los colores de España en Wheelmap

Successful Mapping Party in Heidelberg

On December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, several mapping for accessibility events were carried out in the MyAccessible.EU pilot site cities Vienna, London and Heidelberg. Turnout was good, everyone had fun, and the OpenStreetMap and definitely profited from the important data that was added to them during the events. During the mapping party in Heidelberg about 20 participants got acquainted with the hows and whys of mapping and tagging wheelchair accessible places on the OpenStreetMap and on Continue reading Successful Mapping Party in Heidelberg

Parties for Accessibility

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This year the UN has chosen „Sustainable Development: the Promise of Technology“ as the day’s theme. Since the partners of the MyAccessible.EU project are exploring some of the the possibilities that technology offers people with mobility impairments, the project’s pilot sites decided to plan something special to mark this day. The MyAccessible.EU pilot sites, London, Vienna and Heidelberg are throwing „Mapping Parties“ in order to raise awareness for disability issues and to collect valuable accessibility information in these cities. Continue reading Parties for Accessibility

Successful wheelchair “walk” in Bologna

On Saturday Bologna was the site of a special event aimed at raising awareness for wheelchair accessibility. At 3:30 pm the Piazza XX Settembre began filling with people ready to take part in the annual La Skarrozzata, a wheelchair „walk“ through the the historic city center. A group of more than 150 people departed from the plaza near the main train station. Many came in wheelchairs; others borrowed a wheelchair for the duration of the „walk“ so that they themselves might experience the barriers in Bologna. Continue reading Successful wheelchair “walk” in Bologna

MyAccessible.EU and join the “Skarrozzata” in Bologna

The collective awareness platform for improving the accessibility in Europe goes Italy: Together with, we’ll join the local activists of “La Skarrozzata” in Bologna. The wheelchair tour in the historic center of the city has been organised once a year since 2010. “The main objectives of this initiative are to raise awareness of diversity and disability through social inclusion and take the awareness of the many mental barriers and on the path of those who are forced to a limited mobility”, the initiators tell us on the website of “La Skarrozzata”. And since we are “pienamente d’accordo” with these goals, we are happy to announce our participation in the 5th edition of the “walk”. Continue reading MyAccessible.EU and join the “Skarrozzata” in Bologna