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Mobile Ramps for Heidelberg

On Saturday December 3, 2016,  the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the CAP4Access team from the GIScience group of Heidelberg University carried out a mapping event in Heidelberg. The purpose of the event was to update the wheelchair accessibility information of several locations on Wheelmap, because the owners of these places had recently acquired mobile ramps to improve their accessibility. The purchase of these mobile ramps was part of the campaign “Hürdenlos rein”, initiated by Heidelberg’s Representative for People with Disabililities, Chrisina Reiß. Continue reading Mobile Ramps for Heidelberg

Students active in Elche for Accessibility

The Open Summer School Carrús – Toscar from the Elche Municipal Service Elx Conviu participated in MyAccessible.EU by mapping accessibility in the Carrús neighborhood.Eighty girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 16  met on July 29 in the  Plaza 1º de Mayo in Elche, Spain. Despite the sweltering heat, the students tagged the accessibility of a large number of public places in this popular neighborhood using Wheelmap, the online map for wheelchair accessible places. Continue reading Students active in Elche for Accessibility

Visitas a la Iglesia de San Nicolás

IMG_8722Con motivo del Día Mundial del Turismo que se celebra todos los años el 27 de septiembre y que este año lleva por lema “Turismo Accesible para todos”, los socios del proyecto Europeo CAP4Access financiado por el VII programa marco de la Unión Europea están organizando diferentes actividades que promocionen el turismo para todos junto con los resultados del proyecto. Con este propósito, el Instituto de Investigación Polibienestar de la Universitat de València ha organizado un Ciclo de visitas a uno de los monumentos más emblemáticos y turísticos de la ciudad de Valencia: la Iglesia de San Nicolás. Continue reading Visitas a la Iglesia de San Nicolás

Wheelmap in Graz City Hall

On June 30th it was time to officially present the findings of the student Wheelmap mapping project, which took place on the “Day of Accessibility on June 2nd” in Graz, to a broad audience. Not only was the audience special this time, but also the location – the city hall in Graz. A number of local politicians, representatives from organizations and journalists joined the discussion on this sunny afternoon. Continue reading Wheelmap in Graz City Hall

MyAccessible.EU meets PERRON

At a recent work meeting in Vienna, we had the chance to meet up with Anita Graser, a core member of the PERRON project team. Anita works for the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) based in Vienna, where she focuses on GIS analysis and data visualisation. In her free time, she runs a blog about Free and Open Source GIS. Anita is also the author of three textbooks on QGIS. Continue reading MyAccessible.EU meets PERRON

Mapping Project at Vienna school

Last week our partner in Vienna, ZSI started a mapping project with a local school. Students will go out in groups and explore their surroundings by mapping accessible places using two mobile applications, taking photographs and playing the role of inquisitive journalists. But, let’s start from the beginning:

The Educational Centre HTL HAK Ungargasse in Vienna is quite a unique school in Austria for several reasons. The school offers eight different types of schooling and professional training for students with and without disabilities. In addition, a residential facility is attached to the school. Teachers and staff are enthusiastic about the mapping project in which one group of the residential home and two classes are taking part. Two information sessions were held last week to introduce the mapping project and the tasks and apps involved. Also a ‘mapping folder’ was given to each student including an information sheet concerning the flow of the mapping project, a step-by-step guide for the two applications and of course the MyAccessible.EU, Wheelmap and flyers.

Continue reading Mapping Project at Vienna school

National Trails: mapping their accessibility

September in the UK: temperatures are plummeting, umbrella sales are soaring, and everyone’s beginning to feel like hibernating. What better time to contemplate walking in our beautiful natural landscapes?! The National Trails stretch across 2,500 miles of England and Wales, and they’re waiting to be experienced by everyone throughout all the seasons. However, a lack of information about accessibility on the National Trails means that many people with limited mobility are unable to get out and enjoy them. Mapping for Change are working with the National Trails and Walk Unlimited to promote walking for people with limited mobility, by collecting information about accessibility along the trails. Continue reading National Trails: mapping their accessibility

Mapping barriers with Sapelli

On June 19th , the MyAccessible.EU partner, Mapping for Change teamed up with members of the UCL ExCiteS research group, accessibility designer Ross Akin and users of the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation Mobility Centre for a day long workshop. The idea was to co-design a mobile application that could enable users to identify and map barriers to accessibility within the urban realm using Sapelli; a mobile data collection and sharing platform designed with a particular focus on users with little or no prior ICT experience. Sapelli offers pictorial decision trees and icon-driven interfaces as opposed to the forms and check boxes traditionally used in many mobile apps. Continue reading Mapping barriers with Sapelli

Graz: Erster Tag der Barrierefreiheit

2015-06-02 10.25.44MyAccessible.EU, vertreten durch das Zentrum für Soziale Innovation, war am 2. Juni beim 1. Tag der Barrierefreiheit in Graz mit dabei. Das Event hat viele verschiedene Organisationen und Interessierte im Kunsthaus Graz zusammengebracht, vom Eishockeyverband für RollstuhlfahrerInnen über das Sozial-Unternehmen atempo, das unter anderem Leicht-Lesen Broschüren erstellen.

Continue reading Graz: Erster Tag der Barrierefreiheit