Mobile Ramps for Heidelberg

On Saturday December 3, 2016,  the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the CAP4Access team from the GIScience group of Heidelberg University carried out a mapping event in Heidelberg. The purpose of the event was to update the wheelchair accessibility information of several locations on Wheelmap, because the owners of these places had recently acquired mobile ramps to improve their accessibility. The purchase of these mobile ramps was part of the campaign “Hürdenlos rein”, initiated by Heidelberg’s Representative for People with Disabililities, Chrisina Reiß.

During the mapping event the volunteers checked a list of places that had participated in the campaign “Hürdenlos rein”, took photos of the mobile ramps and of the new stickers in the shop windows, which call attention to the provided ramps.

The places were updated in Wheelmap according to the map’s traffic light system. The places with a new mobile ramp and a sticker or other clearly visable signage in the shop window were marked yellow (if the other Wheelmap criteria are also fulfilled). Without a ramp places with a step at the entrance are marked red, those with a stepless access or a fixed ramp are marked green. More information about the mapping event can be found here.

Photo credit: Ulrich Selgert

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