Mapping Miguel Hernández University

On Monday 24th October, students pursuing an Occupational Therapy degree at Miguel Hernández University tagged the wheelchair accessibility of their campus in Elche, Spain.
Before beginning the mapping party, members of the CAP4access team from the Elche city council and Polibienestar Research Institute at the University of Valencia, explained the project and the tools to be used for gathering and sharing information about the accessibility of public spaces. 

mapping-umh-241016-5Eighty Ergonomic and Application of New Technologies students (some of them using wheelchairs or crutches) visited different campus buildings and used the Wheelmap and Obstacle Tagger apps to tag their accessibility for people with reduced mobility and to report obstacles they encountered. When they were finished, the participants gave feedback about what it was like getting around campus in a wheelchair and what their experiences were in using the Wheelmap and Obstacle Tagger tools.


In addition to the new tags that were added to the two apps the ensuing discussion about where and how to tag buildings that have several entrances or the need to mark elevators were some of the very helpful results of the mapping event.


Photo credit: Fini García Ros

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