MyAccessible.EU meets On Wheels

At our recent workshop in Madrid we met up with Michiel Desmet and Karl Thiry from the On Wheels initiative in Belgium. On Wheels is an online application focused on the accessibility of public places such as shops, pharmacies, bathrooms, restaurants, cafés, parking facilities, hotels and banks. In April 2015 the OnWheels app was launched to make data entry and retrieval more convenient. It is available for download from the Apple Appstore and the Android Playstore.

Rather than offering a simple rating system (such as the one  used by Wheelmap), On Wheels stores data on the size of doors, steps, pathways, toilet rooms, landings, rails etc., and then offers users personalised information based on their profile, such as the width of one’s wheelchair and the height of steps one can mount.

header-slideFor On Wheels, data collection is carried out by volunteers based on a template provided by the initiative. Well-promoted mapping events, in which large parts of cities are covered within a limited period of time by a group of motivated activists, play an important role. Owners and managers of places can enter and correct data themselves, in which case the data is subsequently checked by a representative of On Wheels.

A number of Flemish cities have been covered already, with the remaining ones scheduled for the near future. On Wheels benefits from media partnership with Radio 2, the most popular radio station in Flanders, and from technological support by IBM and Deloitte.

MyAccessible.EU is delighted to have the opportunity to exchange ideas with On Wheels and to  discuss opportunities for cooperation. Watch this space for further developments!

Visit On Wheels online at

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