MyAccessible.EU in Elche, Spain

The members of the MyAccessible.EU partner organizations met for three days in the beautiful city of Elche, Spain, for a project coordination meeting. When working with partners in four countries, six cities and in three languages it is important for the team members to get together offline every once in a while to really get to the bottom of things. Each partner organization had the opportunity to report on their activities of the last months and to brainstorm about their plans for the coming months.

Sharing ideas for activities to raise awareness, discussing challenges the software developers are facing in creating a wheelchair routing app and getting into the details of incorporating large quantities of public sector data on accessibility into other data bases were some of the many topics covered during the three days.


On our first morning we met with local politicians and members of the press at Elche city hall to talk about MyAccessible.EU and its goals. Elche’s city council was so kind as to invite us to a performance of the Mystery Play of Elche, a UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the following evening – a cultural highlight with a long tradition.

At the end of our meeting we had the opportunity to present the MyAccessible.EU project to representatives of ten local organizations of persons with disabilities. In addition, the representatives were introduced to, the online map for wheelchair accessible places, which is not yet well known in Elche. In the course of the meeting the attendees shared their experiences and made many suggestions for necessary improvements in the city. They unanimously expressed their interest in collaborating with MyAccessible.EU and in taking part in the upcoming mapping event being organized by Elche as a MyAccessible.EU pilot site.









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