Ramp Day: overcoming barriers

Dia de la rampaEvery year the city of Elche, Spain holds a “Ramp Day” to call attention to those barriers in the city which make it difficult for people with mobility impairments to get around. Approximately 100 people took take part in this year’s walk which started at the Francesc Canto Social Center, wound its way around the city, and ended at the popular dance club, El Bailongo. Among the participants were representatives of the local political parties who came out to show their support for the city’s residents who use wheelchairs. 

After completing the walk, a declaration containing various demands was read and the annual “Golden Ramp” award was presented. This award recognizes the work of individuals and organizations who are helping to include people with disabilities into all aspects of society. This year the winners were Cristian Mateu Agulló, Noelia Aulló Barragán and Natalia Linares Gonzálvez who created and carried out a dance performance involving a dancer who uses a wheelchair. These artists, both with and without disabilities, use their talents and shared love of dancing as instruments of inclusion.

The dance performance is supported by the disability rights organization SIN LÍMITES. Members of SIN LÍMITES participated in the MyAccessible.EU Mapping Party in March, during which the wheelchair accessibility of restaurants, stores and other places in Elche was rated on the online map Wheelmap.org.



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