MyAccessible.EU and join the “Skarrozzata” in Bologna

The collective awareness platform for improving the accessibility in Europe goes Italy: Together with, we’ll join the local activists of “La Skarrozzata” in Bologna. The wheelchair tour in the historic center of the city has been organised once a year since 2010. “The main objectives of this initiative are to raise awareness of diversity and disability through social inclusion and take the awareness of the many mental barriers and on the path of those who are forced to a limited mobility”, the initiators tell us on the website of “La Skarrozzata”. And since we are “pienamente d’accordo” with these goals, we are happy to announce our participation in the 5th edition of the “walk”.

Engaging Bologna with the Wheelmap

MyAccessible.EU and will have the opportunity to support the event by introducing the Wheelmap to the citizens of Bologna as an online tool to search for, find and mark wheelchair-accessible places. Using the Wheelmap, the wheelchair accessibility of locations passed during the “walk” can be marked in the map and will thereby become visible for everybody. The team of will be present to inform the participants and to answer any questions concerning the map and MyAccessible.EU. Extra support will be provided by the local branch of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). The students will join in the mapping event and test as an online tool for exchange students with a mobility impairment according to the objective of their own “ExchangeAbility” project. All of the citizens of Bologna are invited to take part in “La Skarrozzata”, which will start at 3 p.m. on May 24 at the Piazza XX Settembre.

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